Depression Has Helped Me To Be A Poet, Painter And Traveller: Malini

She used her 'depression period' to bounce back in life with poetry and painting. A journalist by education, a traveller by passion and a poet-painter by profession, Malini is truly a woman of substance

Depression Has Helped Me To Be A Poet, Painter And Traveller: Malini

A compulsive traveller, a hobby photographer, a self-trained painter and now a published author, Malini has been writing poetry for the last four years now. Recently, her new book ‘Flotsam of the Mind’ was launched in Mumbai by renowned fashion designer and politician Shaina N C at the Oxford book store. Later on, she poured her heart out to New Woman.  

How did you come up with the idea of writing ‘Flotsam of the Mind’?

Interestingly, I wasn’t looking at publishing a book at that time. I just sent a couple of poems as an entry for a contest. I was called by the publishers and they asked me to send more. One of those poems ” I will rise”, was picked to be published in the soon to be launched ‘ The New English Verse, An anthology of Global Poets. The dialogue continued and soon I had an offer to publish my own. Collection of poems in the form of a book. That’s when a random collection of poems took shape of my maiden book – an anthology of my poems.

The poems of this book are actually based on your real life experience. Why did you choose to highlight some of your personal experiences through this book?

Women today need to express themselves. If we have something to say, we must find a way of saying it. I have personally known women who have been victims of marital abuse and child abuse. It had to be all spoken about. I want women to be able to know that it is alright to state your sexual desires and at the same time let the opposite sex know what a ‘No’ means. These are candid records of both and I am glad I have been able to speak up on both. Hopefully many more women will be empowered to find their voices through this endeavor.

According to you, how can a woman overcome fear and depression? Give us a real example.

I am a real example of depression, a fight against it and how to overcome it. I was unemployed after 18 years of having been suitably and professionally busy due to my relocation with my spouse to Singapore where it is hard to work on a dependent pass. From running my own rather successful event and branding concern in Bombay to being a jobless person- the transition was hard and impossible to live with. Many hours of sitting on the couch and crying became a daily routine. Soon I recognized it was a depression due to relocation that many women suffer from. I booked myself up for counseling and religiously started taking my vitamin tablets and took to running as a form of exercise. All this slowly but surely got me back on track and soon I started looking at my joblessness as a boon. I began doing things I always wanted to earlier but never had the time for like writing, photography and painting. Today, I have a published book, another global poets anthology that is carrying my piece in a larger collection of international poets, 5000 beautiful photographs and a painting exhibition of my works on the anvil.

So, what’s next? Any more books that you are currently working on?

Yes, I have another book that is in editing stage and will be published in 2017. Also, like I mentioned I’m planning an art exhibition of my paintings soon. By the way, did I tell you that book cover of My book FLOTSAM OF THE MIND is my own creation, a self-portrait from the time when the debris of thoughts was still trying to find a shore!



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