How To Flirt With Your Crush On Text Messages

Draw his attention by following these simple rules!

How To Flirt With Your Crush On Text Messages

While flirting comes naturally to some, for others it may be an art which they need to master with practice. May it be a game of dalliance or something that involves true love and feelings, flirting is something which always comes handy in taking the relationship one step forward. In a busy world like ours, it is next to impossible to meet someone you like on a day-to-day basis. However, taking things up a notch is quite possible through text messages. Here are a few do’s and don’t’s which would help you enhance your flirting skills on text.

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  • Be Patient


This is the most important rule to keep in mind. Your crush isn’t running off to a distant island and never meeting you again. If he is taking time to text back, it’s probably because he is trying to play it cool or he is busy. It goes without saying that if you keep asking him to revert back, you will end up looking desperate. If he takes an hour to text back, do the same to him.

  • Keep Switching From Direct To Subtle


Yes, it’s great to be honest about how you feel but outright honesty can get overbearing. Flirting is a nascent phase of a relationship. Keep switching from subtle to direct and vice-versa occasionally. Compliment him about a profile picture and how good he looks in it. This would be keeping it subtle while telling him you love his company and would like to see him more often is a little more direct.

  • Opt For Partially Cheesy One-Liners

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One liners can come across as a tad bit tacky but if you choose the correct ones, they might very well work in your favour. “I’m glad I met you” or “Your text has been the highlight of my day” are sentences that fill the reader’s heart with warmth and joy. It makes them feel special.

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  • Keep It Moderate

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Keep in mind that constant texts may get annoying. Yes, it is important to let your crush know you think of them but that can be done without bombarding them with endless texts. After a day of substantial texting, give it some rest the next day. However, send in a “have a good day” text and a “goodnight” text.

  • Talk Sexy

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Neither does this mean asking him for a make-out session nor does it mean using vulgar language. Be subtle in your approach. “I wonder the hotness that lies beneath that t-shirt” is a sexy way of telling him he has a good body. Imbibe the use of ‘kissing’ emojis and ‘hearts’. It goes without saying that sexy-talking requires a mutual level of comfortability between the two of you’ll.

Follow these and you are sure to have all his attention to you!



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