Fix Your Facial Flaws Using Makeup

Fix Your Facial Flaws Using Makeup


It is not wrong when people say that makeup is magical. Make-up has the power to hide the flaws in your face. You just have to follow a perfect technique which is very easy if you master the trick. Here are few easy tricks that will be of great help.

1. Nose Correction:


If your nose is wide and you want t make it appear thin then it can be done with the help of make-up. Apply foundations that are two shades darker on both sides of the nose. This will make the nose look slimmer than usual.  Powder works to highlight and contour your nose as well. Just make sure you use a very light hand and a cool-toned bronzer or shadow. Make sure not to place your shadow lines too wide or you’ll potentially make your nose look wider.

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2. Eye correction:

eye 1

If you find your eyes to be too big and people to give less attention to it then this is the best trick. Apply black eyeliner on your eyelids and mascara on the lower lashes of your eyes. This will make your eyes look small. Make sure you do not join the eyeliner at the edge of the eye or it will make your eyes look bigger. For eyes to look smaller then apply white eye pencil instead of the black eyeliner. Apply mascara on both upper and lower eyelid as it will open your eyes.

3. Lip Correction:

lip 1

If you don’t like your fat lips, then there is a trick for that as well. Use lip liner to outline the edge of the lips and also on the inner side of the lips. By doing this lips will look thin. If the lip is thin then make the outline outward, it makes lips look thicker. For drooping corners, line the lips, focusing on building up the corners; fill in with a soft colour. When both lips are thin, line both with a pencil (do not go far past the natural lip line) and fill in with light lipstick to make lips appear larger.

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4. Chin Correction:

double chin 4

If you have a double chin and want to get rid of it then follow this simple makeup trick. Wear your makeup such that it highlights your cheeks and eyes. Just as you have enhanced your facial features like the cheeks, eyes and lips, another cheat trick is to try and clearly define your jawline. Using a bronzer, brush across the jawline. If you are of wheatish or dark complexion, go for gold-toned bronzer. If you are of fair complexion, opt for rose-toned bronzer. place two shade dark foundation on the lower side of the chin.

5. Forehead Correction:

forehead 1

To widen the appearance of your forehead, your brows should be groomed slightly apart from centre. Also, follow your natural brow line but do not create a dramatic arch. This will help your forehead appear a little wider. Apply a lighter foundation cream to the forehead to give it a broader appearance between the brows and hairline. You can also try hiding it with a hairstyle like fringes.

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