Five Quirky Hairstyles for Long Hair

You don't need a haircut to look cool!

Five Quirky Hairstyles for Long Hair

Haircuts are great, not to mention super convenient. We’ve all dreamed of being able to pull off a cute pixie cut or a short bob. If only you didn’t have to give up your long, beautiful tresses for that. The dilemma is painful. Instead, here are quick and easy hairstyles to opt for and look chic and up-to-date!

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Space buns: This super cute style has been quite popular for a while now. It’s quick and easy once you get the hang of it, and is an absolutely cute hairdo. Because all your hair is tied back, you don’t have to worry about it falling onto your face or getting sweaty around the neck. Space buns are a fuss free, heat friendly hair style for you to try out.

2. Braids: braids are something you can experiment with endlessly. There’s always something new that you haven’t tried out before, and might just be the perfect hair style for you. Sure, they’re a little time consuming, but with practice, you’ll get faster. Try doing double Dutch braids, and pinning them up in the middle so they don’t hang loose on your neck.

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3. Scarves: if it’s the kind of weather where you can afford to let your hair down but don’t want it getting in your face, scarves are a good option. They hold your hair back and look great at the same time. Even a bandana works well.


4. Hairspray: frizzy hair can be difficult to deal with, especially in the humidity. An easy hack is to put some hairspray on a mascara wand or a toothbrush and use it to tame the small, uncooperative strands.


5. Top knots: top knots are another trend that many celebrities opt for. It’s basically nothing but an upgraded version of a bun. It can be styled in different ways, depending on the occasion and makes for an ideal summer hairdo.

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