I have always felt comfortable in my own skin. But this transformation feels good. People have been complimenting me—it is a different kind of high.


I have always been fitness conscious but I needed the right guidance to get into the shape I have hoped for. I was so focused on getting the look of my character right, and I drove myself hard to achieve it.


I’m a big foodie. I love cheesecake and sushi.


It’s a little tough during hectic days but I instruct the chef or caterer about my requirements, and usually, they are quite supportive. While on holiday, I make sure to choose grilled fish, chicken or roasted chicken to stick within my diet. And I try to squeeze in a few workouts. They refresh, relax and help regulate my hunger in turn, keeping me more focused on my diet.


There are no short cuts. I have a personal trainer and a dietician, and I make sure I follow their guidelines to the dot. I believe in consistency and in maintaining a balance. If you have a clean diet where you don’t eat junk food or foods high in sugar, etc., a cheat meal once a week won’t hurt you.


I don’t have the best of genes, so I need to keep a close watch on everything I eat. I do indulge but once a week or so. But I usually go out two months before shooting and keep a complete control on my calorie intake. I always maintain five days of workouts, no matter whether I am shooting or not.


You need to show people a healthy image. This is why I have a very holistic approach to all my workouts and diets. And as long as you are balanced, train hard and are strong, you will feel and stay fit.


  Get regular health check-ups done.

  • Never skip a workout more than three days in a row.
  • Remember, consistency is paramount.
  • Always take one step at a time, for there are no short cuts. And short cuts don’t last.
  • Keep a close check on idle eating—eating without releasing calories—and maintain a food diary to keep tab on what you eat.
  • Keep changing your workout routines to enjoy them.
  • Never overdo your workout. Push your body hard but don’t break it.
  • Sweat it out, smile and stay happy.
New Woman Team

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