Fitness Is More About Mental Strength: Mohsin ‘Karthik’ Khan

Your fitness routine: Owing to tight shooting schedules, I can’t hit the gym on a regular basis, so, I carry my gym to the sets. As actors, it is crucial for us to feel and look good on the screen and this comes from staying fit and energetic. I have kept a dumbbell set in my room which helps me build triceps and biceps which I then follow up with push-ups and stretching exercises. Also, I ensure I swim for 30 minutes each day. Since I love sports, I play cricket which helps me stay active. Fitness for me is a combination of mental and physical strength and balance and it’s crucial that you have your mind in focus and at peace. Therefore, I read the namaz which is a form of meditation for me and helps in maintaining my peace of mind.

Your diet mantra: Since we work very long hours, sometimes 20 hours a day, it becomes difficult to follow a particular workout or diet routine. In between this, I try and ensure I eat small meals every two hours which I get from home. That can include an apple, an omelette sandwich, a protein bar, and some dried fruits.

Your role model: Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar are true inspirations when it comes to fitness. The kind of dedication and effort they put in maintaining a fit body is remarkable. They have hit the right chord in staying fit and fab.

Your thoughts on crash dieting: I do not believe in crash dieting as I have seen people going through this path and suffering low blood pressure and sugar. I would suggest going on a regular diet interspersed with small meals at equal intervals alongside an effective workout routine.

Manasi Tahalani

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