File Your Nails In These Unique Shapes

File Your Nails In These Unique Shapes

Most women tend to think that shaped nails look better. But that’s not true. You can keep changing your style depending on what you’re in the mood for. Since natural nails take time to grow, many prefer to work their magic on acrylic or fake nails instead. Remember to take a break once in a while and let your nails bare. This helps your nails to breathe and grow naturally. Homemade manicures and hand scrubs are equally effective in the rejuvenation of nails. Below are the trendiest nail shapes that you can try anytime!

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  • Coffin Nails

A growing trend, coffin nails became popular when the international model and influencer Kylie Jenner sported them on her social media. Since then these nails have only gotten more famous. You’ll need to have long nails that you taper off on the sides with a sharp square at the tip to achieve the perfect coffin nail.

  • Oval

Any length, long or short oval nails are quite catchy. This nail shape is seen as ideal since it matches the shape of your natural cuticles. The curved edges give a sense of round and healthy nails.

  • Square

A unique style, square nails are different. If you have a thinner nail bed, opt for this style since it’ll make your nails look longer. The sharp square edges make your nails appear wider than they are.

  • Stiletto

A sight to behold, stiletto nails are equal to the sky-high stiletto heels. They are super sharp edges and end at a sharp point. Remember that these nails though extremely pretty are the weakest. Be careful while shaping your natural nails and forget about texting your best friend till you have these.

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  • Squoval

Straight sides with a curved tip, these squoval nails are a mix of square and oval shape. Since they have a softer tip, they won’t get caught in things and the short even sides help give support to your nails.

  • Almond

These nail shapes are usually long but can be pulled off in short lengths as well. Almond shapes look roughly like an almond with a tapered tip. This nail shape is delicate so we suggest opting for acrylics for this one.

  • Round

The simplest style, round shaped nails are the easiest to maintain.  Shape the edges into a smooth semi-round shape and you’re done. Easy, cute and hassle free!

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