Festive Special: 1-Week House-Cleaning Plan For Busy People

Are you panicking about cleaning your house for Diwali? Read on and chill...!

Festive Special: 1-Week House-Cleaning Plan For Busy People

Come Diwali, and all of us engage in spring cleaning our homes so as to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in. While it’s a good idea to start early, our busy schedules often force us to put our cleaning plans on the backburner. And soon there is only one week to go before it is Diwali! Fret not, we have come up with the perfect one-week cleaning guide one can follow.

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Day 1 – Long-Term Processes First 

  1. First thing in the morning, before getting ready for work – Pull out whatever laundry is to be sent away to dry cleaners; this can include – curtains, pillow covers, festive outfits, bed covers, sheets, etc. so you don’t have extra stuff lying around.
  2. Take a good look at your house; make a note of what all cleaning tools you need for the whole week’s cleaning process. Before leaving for work or on your way to work, order those tools and make sure they get delivered on time. If delivery time is not meeting your expectations, make sure you buy most of the stuff.
  3. Also, observe and note if any part of your furniture, plumbing, etc. needs repairing done. Book a carpenter, mason, plumber, etc. for the same on the first day. So that even if they don’t have time on the same day or on the next one, you will still have ample days.

Day 2 And Day 3 – Sorting, Cleaning And Rearranging

  1. If you have small potted plants in your home space – the first in the morning – trim them, clean the pots. You can opt for part-time gardeners since this job will take you not more than a couple of days (2-3 hours per day).
  2. Start cleaning your storage spaces – cupboards, wardrobes, bookshelves, study drawers, etc. Start with anyone of them. Make it a point that you clean one at a time. The best technique – remove all the contents of the shelf/drawer, sort them and throw the unwanted, clean the shelf/drawer and then rearrange them.
  3. Make it a point that you start cleaning your kitchen cabinets one-by-one. Keep the fridge for later days.

Day 4 – Optimum Use Of The Weekend (Part 1)

  1. First thing in the morning, before you take a shower and breakfast, start with cleaning that is likely to exhaust you, be it your shoe rack or your living room.
  2. Post breakfast, remove all old newspapers, other waste papers , dry plastic waste (bottles, big wrappers, old plastic bags, broken plastic toys and/or utensils, etc.), old clothes, etc. Call for a scrap dealer to take away all the waste.
  3. This day, make it a point to clean your fridge and to finish off the remaining kitchen cleaning. So that you know for sure what all you have and what all you will need for festive social events and food preparations for this Diwali.

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Day 5 – Optimum Use Of Weekend (Part 2)

  1. Again, before shower and breakfast, start with cleaning your bathrooms and toilets (walls, cabinets, wash basins, commodes, floor, etc.).
  2. Post your morning routine, use a vacuum-cleaner to clean mattresses, couch, other seating, carpets, rugs, etc.
  3. By afternoon, contact your dry-cleaners to make sure that your laundry will be delivered on time.
  4. Help younger and/or older family members in cleaning their wardrobes, drawers, etc.

Day 6 – Left-Over Cleaning 

  1. If you are left with some shelves, cabinets or drawers, clean them by the end of this day only. You don’t want to exert yourself physically as well as mentally just a day before Diwali.
  2. With the help of your maid or any member of your family, clean window-panes, sliders, etc. Clean windows will add to your home decor.
  3. Put up lighting, hang festive-decorative pieces, etc. Lit the lights. Make your home Diwali-ready with lights.

Day 7 – Last-Minute Somethings

  1. On the last day of your cleaning regimen, do last-minute dusting.
  2. Change the curtains, bed sheets, pillow-cases/covers, floor mats, bathroom mats, rugs, carpets, dining table tops and/or cover, etc.
  3. Before you go to bed at night, clean the area near your main door in the outside lobby. Keep that floor ready for rangoli for the 1st day of Diwali.

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