Feng Shui Tips To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

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Feng Shui Tips To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home


If you’re experiencing negative energy in your house, it could be because of various factors. By practicing the traditional Chinese practice of Feng Shui, you’ll be able to

Singing Bowl


According to Feng Shui, keeping a singing bowl in your house is auspicious. It makes the energy present in the house positive and pure and removes negative energy. The presence of a singing bowl in the house keeps peace in the family. Using a singing bowl brings good energy to the home environment and remains calm and mild.

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How to recognize a singing bowl?

* It is a special type of bowl made of 7 metals, namely gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, lead and zinc.

* All these metals are characterized by some kind of character and represent the Sun, Moon and other planets.

* They also come in different designs so you can pick one that flatters your interiors.

How to use

First of all, keep the singing bowl on a cushion, so that the sound coming out of it is resonating for long periods of time.

* Now start the sound from the mangri (small hammer) made of wood with soft hands on the edges of the bowl.

* Then, turn the mungri clockwise on the edges of the bowl so the sound starts becoming louder.

* Do this regularly for making energy at home sacred.

Foo Dogs


Foo Dogs are an ancient Feng Shui statue. Negative energy can be kept out of the house by keeping foo dogs.

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What are Foo Dogs?

* Fu Dogs like Dragon, Laughing Buddha, Phoenix etc., are typical ancient Feng Shui shapes.

* Foo Dogs are a pair of male and female, a special creature whose half body is half-lion and half-dragon.

* Foo Dogs is also called Guardian Lawns, Lauren Dogs or Temple Dogs.

What is the specialty of Foo Dogs?

* Foo dogs are called house protectors, because the presence of Foo Dogs does not allow negative energy to enter the house.

* They protect the house from negative energy, bad thoughts, and bad eyesight.

* They are symbols of Yin and Yang Energy, in which Yin energy is collected from the male Fu Dog and Yang energy from the female Foo Dog.

* Yang is passive energy and with its presence, keeps the atmosphere of happiness, peace and comfort in the house.

* Yin is active energy, which is considered to be a symbol of strength, noise, light, speed etc.

How to Identify Foo Dogs?

* There is a globe under the right foot of the male Foo Dog, which indicates that the whole power of this house is in the hands of a man and that is the subject of the same house.

* There is a sphere under the left leg of the female Foo Dog, which shows the love and motherhood of the woman in that house.

Where and How to Keep Foo Dogs?

* Keep a couple of Foo Dogs out of the main entrance of the house in such a way that everyone who is entering the inside from outside can see the Foo Dogs.

* The back part of the Foo Dogs should be inside the house.

* Put the male Foo Dog on the left and the female Foo Dog on the right side.

* Keep them above floor level.

* To keep your office free of negative energy, keep the Foo Dogs around the main door.

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