Fasting Treat: How To Make Sweet Potato Halwa

Fasting can be yummy too!

Fasting Treat: How To Make Sweet Potato Halwa

If you are also considering fasting this Navratri, then sweet potato is the best option. You can make a lot of dishes using sweet potatoes, that would just make you feel less hungry during this festive season. It is easy to make and is very tasty as well. So make your fasting special with this Farali recipe

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4 medium sized sweet potatoes
1 cup fresh milk
1 cup milk powder
1 cup sugar
Little bit of coconut
2 tbsps of ghee
Pinch of saffron
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Peel the sweet potato and boil it with peas. Put ghee in a pan and fry the sweet potato in a low flame. When the sweet potato starts becoming golden, add milk and saffron. Keep stirring continuously.  Add milk powder and sugar and cook for a while. Remove from flame.
Serve with coconut powder and almond-pistachios.
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