FASHION NOTES: With Model & Actress Elena Fernandes

FASHION NOTES: With Model & Actress Elena Fernandes


5 Fashion Must-Haves
• A pair of skinny jeans as this you can always dress up or dress down.
• A shirt because you can always make it formal or casual depending on how you style it.
• A bucket bag because this can be carried into a night time look.
• Trainers can be worn both during the day and night it all depends on how you decide to accessorise the look overall. Trainers easily work with shorts or dresses.
• Strappy heels because heels will always make you feel glam.

5 Beauty Tips You Follow Religiously
• Exfoliation daily. You must remove the grime that builds up on your skin daily from pollution.
• Moisturiser is all you need. Make sure it has SPF; whether it’s gloomy or sunny outside, the sun is always there and will affect your skin.
• Always keep your eyebrows trimmed and neat. They define your face and complete your look.
• At least once a month I get a massage in order to de-stress and feel pumped to go.
• Moisturise your body especially your neck, hands, and feet. These age faster as people forget to pay attention to them.

3 Social Causes You Support and Why
• Sightlife because it helps those with corneal damage get their sight back. They’ve done incredible work in helping people and are also training doctors as to how they do the procedure.
• Animal welfare is a cause closest to my heart. They’re defenseless and require our protection. I actively neuter
strays in order to help cap the population so the animal can live a longer and healthier life.
• I also support the work of orphanages that endeavour to help the older orphans get into the workplace in order to
change their path.

5 Health Tips You Stick To No Matter What
• Olive oil always when cooking. Coconut oil is even better.
• I aim to work out at least three times a week not to be skinny but to feel good.
• I always try to eat clean which means cooking my own food—that way you’re aware of what actually goes into
your food.
• Smile. No matter what smiling can raise your endorphins and change things around for you.
• My ultimate tip is to take an hour out each day to just do you. Whether that’s sleeping, dancing around to music, singing, just take the time out for yourself.

2 Personal Recipes that you created in your kitchen or came across and would love to share.
• I love making scallops and I keep it very simple. I use salted butter and lemon. That’s all you need. Cook on low heat until cooked and ready to serve.
• My ultimate favourite meal is salmon with peppers, potatoes, and carrots. I boil carrots and baby potatoes until
soft whilst putting the salmon and peppers in the oven. To the salmon, I add olive oil, lemon, butter and a sprinkling
of pepper. Then cook to your liking. For me, it takes around 40 minutes. It’s a delicious and filling meal which
is also healthy.

Photo: Priysha Rajvanshi
Styled by: Mohita Adhya
Make-up: Vinod Gholap
Hair: Jean Claude Biguine Salon & Spa


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