How Far Should You Go In Sharing your Financial Secrets With Your Partner?

Marriage can bring about important life changes, including a change in the way you handle your finances. Bindu Gopal Rao explores how far you should be going in sharing financial secrets with your partner.

How Far Should You Go In Sharing your Financial Secrets With Your Partner?

Making the Choice

Financial independence is non-negotiable for today’s career-oriented woman and it is always better to sort out financial matters well before you get married. Varsha Talreja, a PR professional, Mumbai, admits, “There can be no right theory here as each relationship thrives on its own dynamics. The ingredients for a marriage in today’s times are equal parts man and woman. Both earn, share, grow and contribute towards building their tomorrow.”

Transparency Matters

Modern marriages should be based on two key fundamentals, faith and absence of jealousy. In this context, financial knowledge of each other’s finances should be a given. “It helps streamline major financial decisions. When both partners are educated and earning, they also end up supporting or guiding each other on finances.” opines Dipali Bhasin, founder/curator of the trunk show “My Best Friend and Me”.

Making the Partnership

Reena Bhadoria, Co-Founder, Best Wedding Stories, always believed in the importance of setting aside a particular chunk of her earnings. “I decided not to share with my husband my pre-marriage savings. However, post marriage both my husband and I make sure that we are aware of whatever the other makes, ” adds Reena.

Sharing is Caring

“When you commit to sharing your lives and dreams with your partner, what is in a salary! I share my salary and bonuses and so does my partner. Sharing does not threaten my financial independence, it just ensures a mutually ‘giving’ and guilt-free relationship. Life is too short to hide and hoard, share and get your man on board,” Shwetha KN, a food blogger signs off.



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