We Only Fall In Love With Three People In Our Lifetime

You get three chances!

We Only Fall In Love With Three People In Our Lifetime

For centuries, great philosophers, as well as laymen, have pondered over the concept of love and created what we call as their perception of love. Because love is fluid. It is as strong or as weak as the person in love. When you are at the onset of a relationship and completely in awe of the person, often you tend to start believing you will end up with them forever. However, people don’t enter our lives for eternity. Every person has a different role, a different duration and it doesn’t mean the relationship wasn’t substantial enough. It just means that the lesson they were meant to teach you have been taught, and that’s where your paths divide. While some claim that love is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a new study shows otherwise. We fall in love three times in our life cycle, each with a unique goal.

The Fairytale Love

Our first love is just like the fairytales we read or the romantic movies that floored us in our formative years. When we enter this love, we understand what it feels like to get butterflies in the stomach. It fills you with passion and you never want that person to leave your sight. Song dedications, handmade gifts, lifelong promises make up the core of this relationship. Often, it lasts long because you want to fight with every bit of your soul since you firmly believe that this love is meant to last. But then, you get your first jolt of reality, and you learn the first lesson in getting back stronger.

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The Tough Love

The second time you love, you’re a bit older and wiser than you were in your first. The second is an important one as it teaches you lessons that stay with you for a lifetime. It shatters your beliefs and perceptions. You will notice that in this relationship, the same issues crop up over and over again, almost like a vicious cycle. And each time you give it another try, through lies and manipulation, you hope against hope to find your happy ending. You enter in this relationship because he is perfect but the irony is that nobody is — and this is exactly what the “tough love” teaches you. It’s the love that we wished was right.

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The Happy Ending

The third love is different than anything you’ve experienced so far. The idealistic love you’ve always dreamed of gets squashed in your head and is no longer valid. It is not perfect, it is not a fairytale and they are not the prince charming from your imaginations. You never planned for this one; you never saw it coming. But you’ve fallen, and you’ve fallen hard! It is not easy, but it does feel as natural as breathing. It might not have the highest level of passion you’ve experienced so far, it is rather a slow, silent and steady feeling that refuses to back down. There is no pressure to be someone else, and yet you both are ready to make it work.

Sure, first love is always special and the second is probably the stormiest, but there is something incredibly beautiful about the third. It is not a storm but a quiet, peaceful starry night. It is not a party but feels just like home!

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