Eye Makeup And Lip Colour Combos For Brides

Eye Makeup And Lip Colour Combos For Brides

The bride is the main highlight of wedding. Her make up, her outfit everything needs to look outstanding than the others. And after all they have been waiting for this day, so why won’t they want all the attention? The bridal makeup needs to be striking as well as perfect balance between lips, eyes and her outfit.We have listed down some of our favorite eye and lips combos perfect for any bridal look.


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1. Gold eyes + Red lips

This is the classic bridal look and you’ll see brides at least once in this look during the entire wedding function. This look works well with any deep coloured lehenga like red, navy blue etc. This combination will definitely make your look flattering!

2. Mauve eyes + Pink lips

This make up combination is perfect when you choose your wedding gown in pastels. Mauve looks flattering in all skin tones and this shade is so versatile that you can take it from a soft glam day look to a smoked out night look in no time. And pink lips are perfect for this look.

3. Olive green eyes + Pale pink lips

Olive green eyeshadow is an colour that suits all Indian skin tones and works well with red, golden, green and yellow lehengas which are the most common ones. Add a smooth, glossy pale pink lip to this and it’ll perfectly compliment the olive shade.

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4. Smokey brown eyes + Nude Pink lips

Smokey brown eyes are prefect to create any look and are extremely suitable to for a bridal look. They are a perfect match for varied coloured outfits, pale or dark. With so much happening around your eyes, its a better option to keep your lips minimal. Go for a nude shade that has a slight pink undertone.

5. Burgundy eyes + Nude lips


You can never go wrong with the burgundy and nude combo. Opt for this combination if you’re wearing a bright pink or a gold lehenga.

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