How To Do Eye Makeup According To The Shape Of Your Eyes

How To Do Eye Makeup According To The Shape Of Your Eyes

Eye makeup can make your eyes look more beautiful. But people have eyes of different shape and size. So one cannot generalise makeup and it is important to keep the following things in mind before applying makeup. Check out these guidelines and makes your eyes do the magic.

Big Eyes

If you have big eyes, then use a dark shade on the upper part of your eyes and light shade on the waterline of the eyes to give them the perfect shape. Do not let the eyeliner meet the kajal at the corner of the eyes as it will make the eyes look even bigger.

Small Eyes

If you have small eyes then apply make-up which will make your eye look bigger. You can put light colored powder eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eyelid. Apply dark eyeshadow to the crease of the eyes. Do not add any color on the inner side of the eyes, otherwise the eyes will look even smaller. Now, apply light grey color mascara. This makes the distance between the eyes diminish.

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Round Eyes

Dark eyeshadow is perfect for round eyes. Start from the inner corner of the eye, apply the eyeshadow by blending it well to the outer corner of the brow. Apply light shadows using a pencil at the bottom eyelids and stretch it upwards and drag it to the outside. You can also highlight your brow bone with a muted highlighter.

Deep Set Eyes

Such eyes look furious from inside. Apply eyeshadow of light or medium shade by blending the eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner. This will make your eyes look elegant. You can also do this by applying a dark shade on the eyes crease.  Apply the eyeliner and mascara on the upper lid. Fill in your eyebrow with the help of an eyebrow pencil.

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Convex Eyes

Such eyes mostly emerge outwards. Apply eyeshadow of medium or dark shades. Never use frosted shades or a highlighter. This will make the eyes look even more big. After applying an eyeliner, finally put 2-3 coats of mascara.

Hooded eye

They are also called bedroom eyes because such eyes look like a little bit sleepy always. Apply an eyeshadow of a dark shade and medium shade on the crease and to the hooked area of the eyes. Light shade on the eyebrow bone and on the inner corner of the eyes as it will make it look bigger. * Make a thin-line line from the eyeliner to the top brush line. * Curl up the upper lash and apply black mascara. * Avoid using bright or sparkling colors on Eyebrow Bone.

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