Expert Advice: Gift Your Bestie A Celebrity-Like Bachelorette

Expert Advice: Gift Your Bestie A Celebrity-Like Bachelorette

The now-married Pee Cee set off to Amsterdam with her girl gang to celebrate her bachelorette, breaking the Internet one picture at a time. Right from their pictures on the yacht, to the girls letting their hair down, we went gaga over every picture that emerged with FUN writ large. While lesser mortals like us might not be able to take our besties to Amsterdam, we can, definitely, find ways to keep the fun quotient alive and make the night a memorable one.  Here’s how:

Get an idea
Before making your to-do list, check with the bride-to-be to see what she really wants for the party. Her opinion on the guest list is extremely important. After all, you don’t want the bride-to-be seething with anger after seeing her ‘not-so-good-friend’ at the party.

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Check the venue
Now decide on an ideal venue to host the party. Choose an exciting place. It is best to book a resort or a farmhouse for the night—to do all the wacky things in privacy and without disturbing others.

Make the invites
Be innovative when it comes to making invitation cards. Make them personalised and not drab, formal or boring. Call the creative horns from your girlie gang and add some quirky and kinky notes or one-liners on the cards.

Order a cake
Go wild with the cake and order bizarre and cheeky designs that will make the bride squeal with sheer delight while taking a bite. There are cake shops that make such cakes especially for these parties. Just dial and order the cake without any guilt!

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Arrange weird games
You don’t want the party to get dull by the end of the night. Along with foot-thumping music, make sure you prepare a list of naughty games or activities for the bride and her friends for a whole lot of fun and laughter.

Organise food and drinks
Whether you are throwing a home party or arranging it out, it is your responsibility as the bridesmaid to keep everyone’s food tastes in mind. Prepare the menu after checking the likes and dislikes of the guests. Also, stock enough alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for cocktails and shots.

Create a photo-booth
Photographs serve as memories that you want to reminisce as time flies. So capture all the wild and crazy moments with the bride. You can also create a photo booth specially for clicking pictures or arrange for funny properties for fun pictures.

Shower gifts
Remember, the focus should mainly be on the bride to make her feel special on this day. So shower her with gifts and souvenirs that will be remembered forever. Gifts can include trendy jewellery, sexy lingerie or scented candles, especially for the first night.

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