How To Experiment With Colours In Your Make-up

How To Experiment With Colours In Your Make-up

There is more to your day-to-day make-up than shades of nudes and muted neutral tones. Imbibing colour in your make-up doesn’t necessarily mean going all-out and achieving a party make-up look. A measured quantity of colour can always work like magic and add an edge to your basic appearance. Here are 5 ways to incorporate colour into your daily make-up regime and flaunt it gorgeously!

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  • Neon-coloured eye-shadow

Neon coloured eye shadow

A subdued and extremely natural make-up paired up with a vibrant layer of eye-shadow never goes unnoticed. Opt for audacious colours and what can do the trick better than bold neon colours? Opt for neon pinks and greens. They suit most make-up looks and manage to make your eyes stand out.

  • Coloured Mascara

Coloured Mascara

Do away with the same-old black mascara in exchange for eccentric blue and red shades of the same. Induced in the minutest nuances of your visage, the pigment will undoubtedly find its way out to create an impression with those fluttery eye-lashes and quirk up your look.

  • A Bold Lip Colour

Bold Lip Colour

Many women may conveniently dispense with the use of most make-up products. However, lipstick is a cosmetic product that has an indispensable value attached to it and a majority of women finds it difficult to stray away from this commodity. Choose statement-making shades for your lips to attain that perfect pout. From magenta pinks to ruby reds, these colours will brighten up your face instantly and amp up your look paired with minimal make-up.

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  • A Deep Blush

Deep Blush

When you’re aiming at making your cheeks the centre of your make-up, it is important to keep in mind that the rest of the make-up should be exceptionally natural and glowing. A flush of colour to your cheeks lends an exceedingly pretty look to your face and ensures the appearance of a beautifully healthy visage. Deepen your blush more than usual ensuring that the rest of the make-up isn’t overpowering.

  • Coloured Eye-Liner

Coloured Eye-Liner

Applying a layer of heavy kohl to your eyes along with a line of eye-liner is the most common thing to transform plain-looking eyes into a mesmerizing pair. However, doing the same with an electric blue or green liner would not only present you with an unconventionally bold look but also leave an impression on the people you interact with.

Strikingly bold and beautiful, don’t stray away from these colours. They are going to do nothing but add a lively quotient to your attire and make your daily ritual of getting ready much more fun.

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