Effective Exercise Routines For Office-Goers

Effective Exercise Routines For Office-Goers

“I have no time to exercise, I work more than eight hours just sitting at my desk glued to the computer,” is a common complaint about not being able to keep up fitness levels. With rising work pressure, we usually end up exceeding office hours which makes it difficult to keep a balance between our workout and office schedules.

But just like ‘work is worship’, don’t forget that ‘health is wealth’. And we have got a wide range of simple steps of workout that will keep you in shape at a desk job.

Before work:

1. Kick your metabolism at the beginning of the day by a light morning workout before leaving for work.

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A few mobility drills and stretching exercises will get you up and about.

2. Leave early, walk a few extra blocks during your daily commute to work.


Get off the bus a few blocks away from work and walk it to the office. If you take a train, walk from the station to office. If you drive to work, park your vehicle at the furthest spot and walk to the entrance.

At work:

1. When you reach your workplace, try taking the stairs to your work floor.

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A flight upstairs is a great way to burn calories and strengthen the lower extremities which are the base structure for your body.

2. Drink a lot of water as this will make sure you walk up and down the stairs frequently to visit the loo.

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Also drinking enough water will ensure you will have a well-hydrated body.

3. Ensure that you get out of your chair every one hour and walk around the premises for a couple of minutes.

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This will ensure you don’t get stiff and there is good blood circulation in your body

4. Since we spend most of our day at work, eating healthy through those work hours is essential.

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 The best way to keep these foods at bay is to pack your breakfast and lunch, not forgetting to pack some power snacks with you to munch on through the day.

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