Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Hands And Feet This Monsoon

Don't let the monsoons leave your hands and feet dirty. Try these beauty tips and flaunt in style.

Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Hands And Feet This Monsoon

If only your hands and feet could speak, you would know how much they fear the monsoon. Here are some great ways to keep them healthy and beautiful this season.

Keep them clean:


Romance is in the air and so is bacteria! Your hands and feet are prone to a lot of skin infections in the monsoon. Try your best to keep them dry and clean. Soak them in warm water mixed with some lemon juice and a few drops of hand wash for 10-15 minutes before hitting the bed. Make sure you apply a nice moisturiser or a nice hand cream.

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Take good care:


Trim your fingernails and toenails regularly; make sure you don’t injure yourself while doing it. It may cause various types of skin infections. Indulge in a manicure and pedicure once in two weeks. It’s always relaxing to go to a spa and get a foot massage after a tiring week. Your hands and feet need some special pampering during this season.

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Tone them:

Your nails tend to get weak during monsoon and can easily break. Rub some petroleum jelly or coconut oil on them and buff them with a piece of cotton or soft cloth. Massage your nails with this every two days. This keeps your nails strong and they don’t break easily, which helps you avoid infections.

Female hands treating dry feet with moisturizing cream

Moisturise daily:

Wash your hands and feet in the night, moisturise your hand and toe nails after and leave it overnight. You can also use olive oil or almond oil for moisturising; these are natural moisturisers and have the same effect on your skin.

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