Easy Steps To Do Manicure At Home

Easy Steps To Do Manicure At Home

Manicures are extremely important, especially in the humid, sultry summers. While you take utmost care of your face with regular facials and cleanups, you often give your hands a neglecting eye. A regular manicure will make your hands look beautiful and also help you give a neat, well-groomed impression. If you are a busy girl, and the salon nearby is almost always completely booked, fret not, do the manicure at home! New Woman tells you how.

Step 1: Clean out the existing nail polish on your nails with acetone.  Remove the nail polish already taken from the helpless remover. Do not use knives, knives, blades, etc. to remove the nail polish. Nails are dried with a nail polish remover, so add 4-5 drops of any nail polish remover into any bottle and mix it well. This will also make the nails clean and not even bored.

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Step 2: Add 2 tsp shampoo in a small tub/vessel containing about 1 liter lukewarm water. Immerse both your hands in it for about 5-7 minutes.

Step 3: Scrub your hands with a soft brush. This will remove all the dead skin, leaving you with smooth and supple epidermis.

Step 4: Next, apply a generous quantity of some cuticle cream on your nails. Clean them and file your nails.

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Step 5: Now that your nails are filed, massage your hands with some hand cream. This will not only hydrate your skin but also relax your muscles.

Step 6: It’s finally time to apply the nail polish. Apply one coat of nail polish and wait for it to dry. Apply another coat on top. At the end, you can also add a final transparent coat for further shine.

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