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Easy Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Have you just returned from vacation and put on some holiday weight? Or, have you just managed to gather love handles as a result of a lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits? Well, it’s not difficult to lose those love handles and baby fat. You need to act soon before your tyres multiply and it becomes difficult to reduce weight. Don’t worry, it’s not at all difficult to define your waist. Just practice these five exercise daily and you’re good to go!

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  • Squats

Not only are squats good for achieving a flat tummy but also super-toned thighs. Stand with your feet a little apart, hold your hands stretched in front of your chest. Now, you need to bend your knees, protrude your butt behind and slowly rise up again. Practice three sets of fifteen reps for best results everyday. This exercise will also tone your butt!

  • Planks

This exercise is known to strengthen your core as well as burn belly fat. Lie on your stomach and slowly rise up on your toes and elbows, while placing your palms on the ground. Hold this position for a minute in the first few days and progress to two minutes as your durability improves over time.

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  • Cross Crunch

One of the most fun exercises, cross crunches are sure to help you lose belly fat. Lie on your back, raise your head a bit with the right hand below it and keep the other arm outstretched at a 90° angle to your body. Make sure that the stretched hand has its palm touching the ground. Taking help of your core, raise your left knee and crunch over to your right side until your left elbow touches your right knee. Reverse the movement until you get into a loop of movements. Later, switch sides and repeat. Practice 4 sets with fifteen reps.

  • Side Planks

Make the most of planks to lose side fat. Position yourself in a way where you rest your weight on one elbow, palm touching the ground. Tilt and raise your body with your one foot stacked over the other and place your other hand on your waist. Balance this position for two minutes and repeat the same after switching sides.

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Follow this exercise routine accompanied with half an hour of cardio and you’re sure to get rid of those love handles within no time!

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