Earrings That’ll Upgrade Your Whole Look

Earrings That’ll Upgrade Your Whole Look

What if we told you that you can upgrade your look instantly simply by wearing the correct pair of earrings? Look worth a million bucks by just adding a simple accessory. Earrings not only add charm to your face but also make you look feminine. It’s high time that we put an end to earrings-as-afterthought to getting dressed! Read on to find out 4 classy earrings that’ll upgrade your outfit instantly!

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1. The Waterfall

Glitz earrings of these types are usually reserved for the evenings, but why wait when you can rock them in the the bright day light. Pin these beauties on and let the clear crystal fringe turn any day into a special occasion.

2. Marble Discs

Marble is the material of choice every where these days! So wear a pair of marble earrings that double as moon phases for indulgent, decor-inspired accessorizing. Far more affordable than your famed marble floors, these two-tone stunner earrings can be found anywhere at affordable prices.

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3. Tortoise Shell

There’s nothing more timeless than a classic tortoise shell resin earring. And, these flat hoops will lend a neutral pattern and pop to your most monochromatic looks.

4. Tassels

Tassel earrings are timeless and one of the best inventions of our time. they are great for an eye-catching pop of color and a treasure that looks like it was discovered on a posh expedition. They are an perfect option if your looking for a sophisticated look.

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