7 Effective Ways To Wake Up Early

Lose the Snooze. With these 7 easy steps even a night owl can become an early riser!

7 Effective Ways To Wake Up Early

For a night-person, the pain of waking up each morning is undeniably real. Crankiness shoots up and the fact that you are late for work or college is not comforting either. You are convinced your sleep cycle works according to a time zone of a country far far away. Fret not, here are seven ways a night owl can become an early riser.

1) Do it gradually
Start slow, try waking up 20-30 minutes before your usual time. Cut down on minutes till you reach the ideal time desired.

2) Keep your alarm clock away
You are most likely to snooze and sleep. So keep an alarm closer to you and one right across the room.

3) Turn on some music
Nothing refreshes you in the morning better than some crisp tunes. Avoid falling back to sleep again by turning on a pre-created playlist.

4) Get your dose of coffee/tea
Wake up and smell the coffee, literally. For a night owl, your early morning cuppa can be a life-saver.

5) Sleep early
You will eventually have to start following, “early to bed, early to rise”. A few days of sleep-deprivation and exercise will shift your sleep cycle to its right place.

6) Develop a night time ritual
Your body needs to prepare itself to go in sleep-mode. Develop a ritual like face-cleansing, moisturizing, drinking milk or writing in a journal. That way, every night you do the ritual, your body will pick up the signal.

7) Do not use digital devices on bed
No matter how tempted you are to chat with your man, sleep and let them sleep. Laptops, iPads, phones tend to cause sleeplessness and must be avoided before bed.


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