Drink Water To Lose Weight

Drink Water To Lose Weight

We’ve been told time and again by our mothers to consume more water throughout the day. When you fall sick and go to the doctor, don’t they always ask if you’ve been drinking enough water? From nutritionists and health experts to celebrities, everyone has been vouching for H2O. So what’s the deal? The simplest, tasteless element, always available in your kitchen is the secret to a healthy life. Here’s how.

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While water in itself naturally detoxifies your body, infusing fruits, veggies, and herbs to your jug will further enhance its cleansing properties. Add cucumber, lemon, mint, and fresh fruits into your bottle of water for the benefits. Drinking this water daily will help clear any toxins in your body in the form of bodily fluids.

No Calories

Weight Loss Benefits of Water

The best thing you can drink in the world without gaining any calories? Water! Even if you gulp down aerated drinks, it doesn’t exactly quench your thirst. Water is said to be a better alternative since our brains are wired to feel satisfied only after drinking water. At the end of the day, all those ‘added flavors’ don’t stand a chance over regular water.

Kills Hunger

Weight Loss Benefits

Fake hunger pangs are cut off by drinking water. Water is an appetite killer and thus helps you from eating at odd times or from snacking too much. Whenever you’re hungry, your body starts asking for water so that it can quench the hunger before it actually gets any food. The most severe hunger pangs and pains can be calmed down with just a glass of water.

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Boosts Metabolism

Benefits of Water

Drinking water regularly and enough water daily helps in boosting your metabolism. Exercising and working out along with following the right diet (including plenty of water) will crunch you back in shape within weeks.

Improves Workout

Weight Loss Benefits of Water

Water is the biggest aid in your workout sessions. Drinking water before, between and after your workout sessions helps in proper body fluids and blood flow in your body. Since you’ll lose a lot of water via sweat in exercise its best to drink up so that your body doesn’t feel sluggish or taxing after a workout.

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5 Weight Loss Benefits of Water | Health and Fitness Tips | New Woman
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