How To Dress Stylishly For Every Occasion

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it!

How To Dress Stylishly For Every Occasion

Not everyone is privileged to have their own stylist for every occasion so why not become your own stylist? Here are some handy tips you can use to improve your style game for the next place you’ll be headed to.


If you’re a college-going student, the struggle of finding an outfit almost every day is a very big task. With a lot of outfit restrictions, you may find it difficult to avoid wearing the same clothes within the week. That’s no problem! You can avoid this by picking one day to wear a kurta, another day to wear a T-shirt, and another to wear a dressy top. You can switch these up by accessorising them differently and switching up your footwear. For example, you can experiment with scarves, chokers, earrings and bracelets to alter your look. Stick to flats for your feet but try to alternate between sandals, belly shoes and sneakers.


Your office rules may require y0u to follow a strict formal dress code, but you can always make it look fab! Add a silver or gold necklace, earrings and watch that will add bling to your look. You can also wear a belt with your trousers that is subtle yet makes a statement. Carry a solid colour handbag, preferably brown or black for a chic and sophisticated look! Try to change up your hairstyle from a ponytail to keeping your hair down, to a fun ponytail or even a messy bun!


Depending on the theme of the party, your outfit should match its vibe. If it’s a party during the day over lunch or on a poolside, opt for floral dresses with wedge heels or flats. For accessories, you can wear minimal jewellery or even opt for none. Shorts are acceptable if it’s an informal gathering. For evening parties, however, you should go for darker coloured dresses in blacks, blues and reds. You can wear pumps and match them with a clutch that’s in darker colours as well! For accessorizing, more will still be less! So make sure to put on your glitteriest pair of earrings, chains and bracelets.


If you don’t have the perfect bikini body, that’s no reason to shy away from swimsuits! You could always opt for tankinis and cut out swimsuits to flaunt your curves and swim with ease. You can try patterned swimsuits that have ruffles or cross straps to make sure it’s not too Plain Jane. Opt for a bright coloured coverup or sarong to wear over your swimsuit, preferably made of synthetic material so it doesn’t soak up water. Don’t forget to carry a pair of sunglasses and a hat!

Date Night

Sexy or sweet? If you do want to go sexy, opt for a red dress. A psychological study showed that men are more attracted to women who are dressed in red. Paired with a pair of black heels, he will not be able to resist you the entire night. If you do want to go for the sweet avatar, you can wear shades of pinks and corals and pair it with a couple of simple earrings and a chain. Keep your makeup light and simple to show the best of your sweet side.

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