How To Dress Up For A Party When It’s Super Cold Outside

How To Dress Up For A Party When It’s Super Cold Outside

For most of us, winter is about sweatshirts, hoodies, uber cool beanies, and the oh-so-cute boots. At the same time, long evenings and falling outside temperatures also make this the perfect party season. Having said that, dressing up for a wild night out during the cold months can get a tad bit exasperating. How do you pull off a slit showing-off your bare legs or a crop top showing hints of your midriff without the threat of catching a dreaded cold? The more you think about braving the cold night in a bare-back little black dress and 5-inch heels, the more you want to ditch the plan and just stay at home Netflixing and chilling (literally) with a cup of steaming chai.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good winter’s night and nothing should stand in the way of you partying through the winter season. The trick of the trade lies in always keeping your feet and shoulders covered. Here are a few clothing ideas that will help you have a blast while keeping you safe and warm at the same time.

Leather weather  

Leather outfits

You have to love a classic leather jacket-it gives off a badass vibe whilst keeping you warm through the night. A leather jacket with a camisole within when paired with your favourite pair of skinny jeans gives you a stylish evergreen look. There can be multiple variations to this look, a tan leather jacket with black ripped jeans or a black leather jacket and a graphic tee worn with edgy sneakers. You can also wear it over a maxi or midi dress to create a sophisticated yet edgy look. A leather jacket is probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. It is guaranteed to turn heads as soon as you walk into the club.

Style your classic dresses differently

classic dresses

We simply love the breeziness and easy-going nature of dresses. But what happens when it’s winter season and bare knees are not such a great idea! Well, you can still wear all the dresses you want, only style them differently. For instance, you can wear a printed pastel coloured dress over a black turtleneck with boots or wedges. Another way to style a dress during winters is to put on a long cardigan or coat (depending on how cold it is) over a mini or midi dress.

Oversized denim jackets

denim jackets


Take any cute T-shirt, pair it with a pair of ripped pants or a classic mini skirt and throw on an oversized denim jacket-there you have just the perfect outfit for a house party. Another way of styling a long denim jacket is to wear it over a midi dress of a solid colour. Denim jackets can be your best friend but they need to be picked correctly. You cannot wear one which is twice your size or you will look like you are floating in it. Pick one which is roughly two times your size, it will look super sexy while being the tool you need to brave the cold. Pair it with boots and you are good to go.

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Boots all the way

thigh-high boots

The first that every girl usually associates winter with is a pair of super cute boots. Boots are the model footwear for winters as they keep your feet warm and give an edge to your outfit. Boots come in all shapes and sizes. From ankle-length boots to Ugg boots to thigh-high boots, every kind looks utterly adorable not to mention pair extremely well with any kind of attire. You can wear your most trusted ankle-length boots with jeans and a crop with a jacket or thigh-high boots with your favourite LBD with a leather jacket to a club.

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Stoles and scarves with bling


Stoles and scarves

Stoles and scarves are humble pieces of clothing but are the most efficient when it comes to keeping us cosy and warm during a cold night. If you think, you might look boring wearing it to a club, think again! A stole or a scarf, when draped correctly, can only accentuate your party look and especially if they are adorned with sequins or stones. Think about it, your favourite red party dress with a pair of ankle-length boots and a blingy golden stole. Stoles and scarves help give your outfit the perfect finish while adding an element of colour as well.

Statement make-up

Statement make-up

There is a simpler solution to looking fabulous during winters. Go basic—skinny jeans with a semi-dressy top, sneakers and a jacket. The trick to nailing this look for a party lies in making your makeup a statement piece which holds the entire look together. A little glitter eyeshadow with red lipstick and rosy cheeks will help you nail the party look and keep all the attention focused on your well-done face while you wear a warm outfit.

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