Dream Girl Hema Malini Credits Kishore Daa For Her Singing Skills

Kishore Kumar discovered the singing streak in Hema Malini!

Dream Girl Hema Malini Credits Kishore Daa For Her Singing Skills

Hema Malini is donning many hats at present. Apart from being a commercial actress for more than 5 decades, she is also a film-maker, producer, gracious dancer and a politician. But one talent that got to public eye only recently was her singing skills. Our very own Dream Girl recently released her 8 track Bhajan album on Janmashtami called  Gopala Ko Samarpan. 

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Hema had sung for the first time in 1977 for Kishore Kumar’s Bengali track, “Gun Gun Gun Kore Je Mon”, which released during Durga Puja. She says it all began because of the music legend Kishore  daa. She recollected, “It was Kishore Kumar who made me sing two Bengali songs. I was hesitant and I told him I don’t sing at all, but he offered to teach me. I’d sung Gun Gun Gun Kore Je Mon and Kande Mon Piyashi. That is how the eight-track bhajan album Gopala Ko Samarpan happened.”

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Last year, she sang a duet with Babul Supriyo in his music video “Aji Suniye Toh Zara”. Explaining her initial reluctance to sing this time around, Hema says, “I’m not a professional singer and didn’t want to do anything half-heartedly. He insisted I listen to the compositions before taking the final call.” She admits she was under a lot of pressure to measure up, given that such stalwarts have composed the tunes, and did riyaaz for almost six months under Gagan Singh, rehearsing even on a flight. “I was really nervous because every composition is different and I had to keep the mood, the situation and the rhythm in mind.”

We love to see the other side of our Bollywood celebs where they are seen showing their extra talents. With Hema, we just hope to see more and more sides of the star.

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