Do’s & Don’ts When Wearing Animal Prints

“Whether to wear or not to wear” is the question that arises in one’s mind when opting for animal prints! They can be at times difficult to style and aren’t anything near easy to handle. With its bold and edgy characteristics styling the print with separates and accessories becomes a challenge.

But with these several tips and tricks you too can carry this bold print like a lioness! So get ready to nail this 90’s style with these simple do’s and don’ts!

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1. Do Pair With Solids


Pairing animal prints with solids with bring out it look even more. They do wonders when teamed with your staple pieces like a skirt or a trouser. Pair an animal print top with your denims or black trousers. You would definitely end up making it  a gallant statement look with a dash of elegance!

2. Don’t Pair Prints With Prints


Don’t just go all out on animal prints. The focus here is to keep the look classy and not completely look like an actual animal. Head-to-toe animal print is a big no-no! After all you aren’t looking to enter the jungle, right?

3.  Do Accessorise


Accessories can help you to step up your game. With you wearing animal prints you just need to be careful with pieces you opt for! Add a solid black hand bag or may be a scarf around your neck. Adding accessories would just enhance the look of the print!

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4. Don’t Clutter It


Animal prints itself speaks volume! So it does not make sense to hoard it on by adding large accessories or huge coats. Keep them as minimal as possible for an elegant look.

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