Sex Tips: 5 Things You Must Never Do On Bed

Sex Tips: 5 Things You Must Never Do On Bed

If you want to save your sex life, you need to keep these tips in mind. Ask any expert and they will agree with the following warning signs. You might know what you have to do in the bedroom but do you know what you shouldn’t? Here are 5 things you should never do in the bedroom while having sex with your partner!

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Talk Too Much

Dirty talking

Dirty talking during sex is considered as foreplay and stimulating if you are both into it. But blabbering nonsensical sentences or just talking unnecessarily can ruin the mood altogether. Figure out what your partner likes and doesn’t. We’re sure they don’t want to talk about your mother and her knee pains during sex.

Body Shame Them

Body shaming

It’s the worst thing you can. And potentially never get laid! Body shaming is inhuman and a poor reflection of your mentality. Never criticize seriously or jokingly on your partner’s body or appearance in any way or circumstance while having sex. This cause friction in the relationship and will surely affect your sex life too!

Answer Calls

Things While Having Sex

Using your phone while having sex is a sign thing are not going well at all. Never answer calls while you’re amid throes of passion and pleasure. It’s just polite courtesy. Taking any call or even scrolling through Instagram means you are clearly not interested in the sex or your partner.

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Unsafe Sex

Unsafe Sex

Never, never, never underestimate sexual diseases and their chances of spreading. STD and other sexual diseases can easily be transferred if you don’t follow safe sex. Always insist on having safe sex with protection. At the end of the day, you’ll both be relieved to know that there are no unwanted surprises.

Passive and Dull

passive sex partner

An inactive and passive sex partner is practically useless. Proactive roles are appreciated and wanted by everyone in the bedroom. Seeking pleasure while giving it back can help you both enjoy the sex. Boring sex lives are easily broken down by other factors that can end your relationships.

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