Does Sweating More Mean Higher Fat Loss?

Does Sweating More Mean Higher Fat Loss?

Do you sweat a lot? But still appear fat on the weighing scale? Sweating 24×7 in any weather can leave you feeling gross with the added bonus of stinky clothes for the whole day. Some believe that the more you sweat, the more fats you lose! Do you think so? Let’s understand what is sweating, fat loss and if really the more you sweat the more you lose fats stands true!

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What is Sweating?


Sweating is a natural human process that varies from person to person based on their body structures and hormones. It is a cooling process adopted by your body to slow down your body temperature. So when you’re working out in the gym, and your body temperatures increase so you sweat in an effort to get your temperatures to normal levels. People who eat right and exercise regularly often tend to sweat more than usual.

What is Fat Loss?

Fat Loss

Your body has three kinds of fat – Subcutaneous fats present under your skin. Visceral fats, which is present in the body cavity and a small amount intramuscular fats in between our muscles. Your body needs all these three kinds of fat to create energy for your body but only in limited levels.  These fats act stubborn and often take time to leave your body if not taken care of in the right way. So when you start a new diet or exercise out of the blue, you tend to do more damage to your body.

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Are They Related?


Don’t mistake this excess sweat for fat loss. Because even though you are burning more calories while working out, your body is using all the fat stores to generate energy in your body. Therefore, every time you hit the gym, and you sweat, you burn calories on repeat. This results in weight loss and not really fat loss. Including yoga, pilates, and resistance-training in your workout sessions will help you burn fats while sweating it out.

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