How To DIY Your Own Set Of Distressed Denims

How To DIY Your Own Set Of Distressed Denims

Distressed denims are everyone’s favourite and is clearly a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. But why waste bucks when you yourself can make one with your old denims! Yes, that can be done and it isn’t that complicated as you might be thinking. All you need is some tools and a pair of old jeans to DIY.

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Here is a step by step guide on how to make your own set of distressed denims.


You only  need three tools to distress your denim. You can find all of these things lying around your own home. The key tool you need is an X-Acto knife or any sharp blade, to rip into the fibers of your denims with and tweezers. You will need either an old magazine, cardboard, or catalog and a piece of chalk or a colored pencil. And, lastly, that old pair of jeans that you want to distress.

Step 1

Wear and see how the jeans fits. Then, grab a piece of chalk and mark where you think you would like your holes and rips to be. Once you’re done marking your jeans, they should look a little something like the above picture.

Step 2

Lay your jeans on a flat table, grab the catalog, magazine, or cardboard and fold it in the shape of one of the legs of the pants. This piece of paper will prevent you from cutting through to the other side of the leg. Next, grab your knife and start horizontally scratching at the fabric where you marked your jeans.

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Step 3

After you have made holes in your denims, use a pair of tweezers to pull out the extras and give it a rough look. Pull out all the loosen strings or else it’ll give it a bad look.

Step 4

Try on your newly distressed jeans to see if you liked it or not. If not satisfied you can always distress it even more. Remember to start with a small patch or practice first on a really old jeans.

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