DIY Pedicure To Pamper Your Feet

Indulged feet are happy feet!

DIY Pedicure To Pamper Your Feet


Our feet are bound to wind up dirty and mucky during monsoon because of which we all have an urge to get a refreshing pedicure at the end of the day. But what if we told you, there is no need to run to the salon every time? Doing your own pedicure at home seems much harder than it really is. It will save you the big bucks and give you the comfort of your own house, not to mention this DIY pedicure will leave your feet feeling clean and pampered. So here’s how you can do a salon quality pedicure at home!

  •  Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in a tub of warm water with feet-soap (a normal body wash will also do.)



  • Take a pumice stone and scrub the calluses, toes, heel and balls of your feet.


  • Use a scrubbing brush or a loofah and clean your feet thoroughly.


  • Rinse well, dry them with a clean towel and apply moisturiser.



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