Ditch The Rash

Ditch The Rash


Hot and humid weather leads to perspiration, causing rashes. But here’s how you can treat these red itchy bumps.

Avoid scratching

No matter what, avoid the temptation to scratch. It will worsen the condition. One of the better

options to tackle an especially bad rash is to bathe in cool water.

Lighten up

Wear loose clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton and

linen. This will help evaporate your sweat.

Prevent clogging

Take a break from the medicated creams and heavy lotions to prevent your pores from getting

clogged during the hot, humid months.

Use mild soap

Some soaps tend to react harshly on your skin. Use a mild, fragrance-free soap that doesn’t dry out your skin.

Note: Thankfully, heat rashes disappear in a couple of days. However, do consult your doctor if they last for more than 4–5 days and look like they are getting worse.


Your feet sweat a lot during summer or tend to remain wet during monsoon. This, along with poor foot hygiene, can lead to common infections like athlete’s feet, fungus, corns and verrucas. Jo Gaglani, Wellness Expert & Director, Sanctum Spa and Wellness, Mumbai, shares tips to keep your feet and infection-free.

1. Keep your feet dry. Use a foot lotion and foot hygiene cream that contains emu oil and tea tree oil

2. Wear fresh socks and hosiery every day

3. Choose to wear socks with at least 80 per cent cotton, to enable your feet to breathe normally

4. Remove the insoles of your shoes to air them out at night

5. Cut your toenails regularly and use a cuticle and nail serum afterwards


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