What Do Different Types of Cuddles Actually Mean!

Nothing can go wrong with cuddling. At least that’s what everyone thinks! The way you and your partner end up cuddling after a sexy time or while watching a movie can say a lot about your relationship with them? A cute and simple action, cuddling or spooning can help boost your relationship and increase your levels of intimacy. Among friends or lovers, cuddling helps keep you healthy and in a good mood. Read on to know what the different types of cuddles actually mean.

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  • Cuddle Buddy

The most common cuddle position is the semi-fetal position where your partner’s butt rests tucked into the front of your lover’s genitals. This gives a physical closeness that reflects intimacy rather than sexiness. This is a popular cuddling position among dating couples and newly married couples.

  • The Touch

Over the years, this closeness falls apart between the couple. A clear indicator you don’t cuddle anymore but rather are trying to keep the intimacy alive by touching a hand or knee to their partner’s body. You are close to your partner but slowly becoming independent and don’t need to cling onto them any longer.

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  • Honeymoon Hug

The face to face position, honeymoon hug is a cuddle position that lovers adopt right after making love. This position makes you feel safe and secure while you both embrace each other with a full body touch. This is a clear honeymoon phase for you and him. Married couples tend to fluctuate between the touch and the honeymoon hug depending on how strong their relationship is. The honeymoon hug also means you and your partner are overly attached to each other and can’t seem to let go easily.

  • Royal Position

Your man sleeps with his face facing up while you rest your head on his shoulder. This is the royalty position that shows that he has a strong sense of ego and entitlement. You are more dependent on him and like it. The girl admires her lover and trusts his judgment. If you’re looking for a cozier position, try facing downwards while overlapping on their body.

  • The Leg Hug

A classic, the leg hug is a common cuddle position. Although you and your partner don’t think the same thoughts, your paths are connected. This also displays physical connection without seeming to overcrowd. This casual touch shows that both of you are affectionate and care of your partner but still like to prioritize (your sleep). It provides a sense of comfort. Couples usually tend to sleep in this position after a fight and makeup.

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