He Has Become The New Twitter ‘Sensation!’

He has won many hearts with his carefree style and killer looks for sure...

He Has Become The New Twitter ‘Sensation!’




What Oscar’s? People are going gaga over Dev Patel‘s pics from the 89th Academy Awards! Yes, he did lose the Best Supporting Actor award to Mahershala Ali but clearly, the priority of fans is totally different. We came across a few Twitter reactions of fans which clearly hint that they couldn’t care much about his Oscar win but about how cute he looks. Yes. People are literally thirsting over the actor! So for the awards night, Patel donned a Burberry black and white suit. Dapper is a word best to describe his appearance. He looked pretty damn hot, we’ll say. And we guess Twitterati totally agrees with us. There are tweets like “date me” and “marry me” and “Dev, hot-as-hell” that’s owning social media right now. Evidently the actor has a HUGE fan following! People are so lost in his looks that they’re not even least bit affected by the fact that he didn’t win the Oscar.

But keeping all the mad tweets aside, some have also stated how he is still a winner according to them. Aww, isn’t that sweet? You folks can check out all the mad tweets below.




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