How To Decorate Your Room With Your Favourite Pictures

Keep your memories fresh!

How To Decorate Your Room With Your Favourite Pictures

We all love taking pictures- be it a selfie or something that means a lot to you. Instead of filling up your phone with your pictures and running out of space, why not immortalise it forever within your room? Be it a picture of your pet or your favourite celebrity or a memory from a recent vacation, make it a part of your room decor. Take a look at some creative ways to spruce up your room with pictures, minus the heaviness of photo frames!


Arrange your pictures in groups of 9 to make squares and hang some of your trinkets from a nail alongside it. Looks adorable, doesn’t it?

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Add some handwritten notes or quotes on coloured pieces of chart paper and arrange it with your favourite photos in the shape of a heart. So cute!


Hang some Christmas lights on your wall and clip your favourite pictures onto them so they’re always bright in your memory!


Love windchimes but hate the noise they make? Use your favourite pictures to hang them from a string attached to a rod. Noise free but still captivating!


Take your bed post to the next level by hanging the Christmas lights with the pictures attached to it for a very good night’s sleep.

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If you still love the concept of frames, don’t just waste it for one picture! Tape multiple strings on both sides and with clips, attach them onto it for the best viewing experience.


If you don’t have a string and clips, you can always gather your pictures and stick them directly onto the frame, making a beautiful collage moodboard.


Arrange 12 pictures like a clock and attach some hands to it so you always know it’s time for reminiscing.

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If you have two wooden planks with no purpose, put them up on your wall as pictured and add your favourite memories in between them. Simple and beautiful!

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