How To Decorate Your Home With Indoor Plants

Want to revamp your house? Go green!

How To Decorate Your Home With Indoor Plants

Just like a plain canvas needs paint and individual genius to transform it into a beautiful piece of art, a house needs an inspired mind, creativity, and warmth to transform it into a much-loved, lived-in home. From a vintage look to modern day interiors, designing your space can cause you to spend a substantial amount of your savings. However, what if we told you that you could amp up your space by dispensing with extravagant interiors in exchange for a dash of greenery? Yes, all you have to do is imbibe the presence of indoor plants in your home. Not only does that make your home look pretty but also makes the environment fresh to breathe in! Here are a few ways to embrace the trend of in-house greens.

  • Occupy the corners


Leaving the corners of your hall or bedroom empty isn’t going to help you in making your space look bigger. Always occupy your space with minimal furniture that would be necessary for domestic use rather than clamping it up with extravagant décor. It goes without saying that a little bit of it wouldn’t cause any harm and would only enhance the look of the area. Keep in mind that too much of anything is always bad. Thus, place these affordable plants in the empty corners of your home, preferably those which tend to grow in height and carry bigger leaves. Referred to as succulents, these indoor beauties require loads of sunlight. It would be advisable to keep them in the corners closest to the windows. Ficus is the most viable option for incorporating this method of ‘green-décor’.

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  • Faux plants

    faux plants

Vexed with an endless chain of long working hours? Do you return back home only to provide those parched plants with water before you get a chance to unwind yourself? Well, the solution to your problem would be to embrace the option of compact faux plants. Place these plant pots on your dining table or on unoccupied furniture pieces. They efficiently add a pop of colour to your space without demanding an iota of maintenance.

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  • Creating a plant wall

plant wall

If you have a blank wall staring back at you, the subsequent step taken by you should be to breathe some life into it. How? Well, it’s easy! Rush to the market. Purchase a collection of plants. From hanging creepers to potted dracaenas, these plants effortlessly lend an aesthetic value to any place. Furthermore, you can go ahead and experiment with various plant-holders. May they be coloured or plain white, holders always contribute to the overall beauty of the plant. Choose those which would compliment your wall colours and house theme. Either get shelves carved into your wall or shop for wooden shelves and fix them against the wall. Now, place those lovely greens on top of the shelves and voila! There you have it, a delightfully done wall without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Pair them flowers up with greens


Maintaining plants and flowers can be quite a taxing task but is worth every second invested into it. Who doesn’t like a splash of colour? From the scarlet roses to the bright yellow orchids, these flowers are strikingly appealing. Nonetheless, placed in stands or pots all by themselves, these plants would look pretty but nothing different. Go ahead and experiment by mixing and matching them with various plants or shrubs. This would instantly quirk up the traditional ‘oh-so-common’ technique of placing flower pots to enrich the aura of your house.

These few steps can transform the entire appearance of your place. What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Put your creative side to use and send out a wave of purity as well as elegance by incorporating the style of indoor plants as a formula to revamp your home!

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