How To ‘Declutter’ Your Home Simply With Paint

Put down all the expensive ideas of hiring an interior designer and to re-decor your home to make it clutter-free. Use These simple tips of using paint and revamping your home.

How To ‘Declutter’ Your Home Simply With Paint




Use light colours on the least messiest place

White, cream and super light hues keep focus on the objects in the room rather than walls. If you are that dis-organized type, choose a more pronounced colour. But if you have an already clutter-free room, use white.

Keep your rooms in the same colour family

dramatic changes in colours in the same room can be jarring and distracting, furthering the chaotic vibe, that the room already has. So try to maintain a same colour balance in the room.

Be cautious with pastel hues

Remember lighter hues require extra care. So choose a shade that does not have yellow, grey or brown undertones.

Keep walls solid

Pattern makes more of an impact, when used strategically. On walls, it can look really chaotic, even the room is not that big and very spacious. Try to restrict the pattern on the upholstery of the chairs or in linens.

Distract with a single wall

A dramatic apply of a single colour on one door or one wall will take the attention away from the clutter!

Keep the art pieces within a border

Try to hang the art pieces you have, or the decorative photo frames within a imaginary border created.

Pick up the colour from the biggest pieces

Experts recommend to choose the colour of the room depending on the biggest piece of furniture that you have placed in the room. This will create a sense of harmony in the room.


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