How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Deal with panic attacks in these 5 basic ways.

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can catch you off guard at any time of the day. Most of us suffer from panic attacks at varying levels based on what we fear or don’t like around us. These fears can also be underlying and manifest when provoked in certain situations. The best way to deal with panic attacks is to stay strong through it. Although panic attacks are usually triggered by particular actions or events, you can deal with panic attacks with these simple steps.

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  • Breathe


Hyperventilation or quick breathing during a panic attack is very scary and can be both mentally and physically tiring. Best way to calm down is to practice deep breathing at times like these. The moment you sense your anxiety kicking in, you can start deep breathing exercises to get it under control. Breathlessness and dizziness can make you feel worse in a panic attack and hence with steady breathing it can be avoided.

  • Think

Happy Thoughts

Start counting numbers backward or think of your happy place. The best way is to imagine about things that make you smile. It could be about your pets, your family or your favourite celebrity crush. Anything that will distract you from the panic attack will be considered as a happy memory.

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  • Feel 


Let your body feel the fear and panic once in a while. It can be extremely difficult but it is necessary. Suppressing your fears overtime can also add to your stress levels. Feeling your panic and accepting it can help relieve you in the long run.

  • Understand

panic attack

Read and understand what is causing your panic attack in the first place. It never hurts to be prepared for the future with information.  It could come in handy for either you or someone else facing a panic attack around you. There are different reasons for everyone’s fears, and understanding even a little about the causes and challenges can be useful.

  • Focus


Pick an object or person to focus your attention on. It could be something insignificant as a pen but your mind will try to find an escape route to distract yourself. If there is someone who is around you, try to focus on what they are talking or how they look to calm down. People usually admit that physical touch of any kind also helps bring you back to reality during a panic attack.

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