How To Deal With Emotional Pain

You will get over it!

How To Deal With Emotional Pain

Emotional bumps are like, at the cost of sounding lame AF, razor cuts – they come unannounced. Yet, do you stop shaving just to avoid razor cuts? Or do you cry over them instead of treating them? You cannot go through life without getting bruised, scarred and wounded. However, the way you deal with the pain and what you make of your damages is upto you. The pain “demands to be felt” as rightly expressed by John Green in Fault In Our Stars. How do you equip yourself to feel the pain? Here’s your survival guide to emotional pain.

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The first step to dealing with pain is acknowledging and embracing it. Don’t deny its existence. You know you are feeling emotionally distressed and you probably know why. Accept your situation without throwing a fit about “why me”. Such is life – some people are luckier than you, some are not. Keep faith in the course your life has taken and believe it to be in all fairness. Your patience will be rewarded with a light at the end of the tunnel.

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The most important part of recovery is forgiveness. Whether you are angry at yourself or someone else, it is liberating to forgive and let go. Holding on to grudges can make your spirit heavy, let go of the baggage – it’s not Louis Vuitton.

Don’t ruminate

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Emotional pain is meant to last only for a short while. However, by replaying it repeatedly in your head, what you do is stretch the low time.

Be with people who uplift your self-worth

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People who pull you down or split your confidence are a major source of toxicity in your life. You will be surprised how much better it gets once you do a thorough cleansing of energy. Be with people who accept and love you for who you are. You deserve to be treated well.

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