De-Stress With These 6 Simple Steps

Take a chill pill!

De-Stress With These 6 Simple Steps

Life is unpredictable! And that brings about problems, obstacles and enough stress of its own. The best way to destress is to avoid stressing at all. But since that’s impossible, here are the 6 sure shot steps to calm yourself down. Ultimately, anything that soothes your mind is a good way to de-stress.

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  • Music


Create a new playlist dedicate to pick up your mood. Add in slow soft songs with meaningful lyrics and mellow tunes. Scientists have proven that music is highly effective to relieve stress and brighten your mood. You can alternatively listen to any of your favourite singers and tunes to unwind. Even playing a musical instrument can help you refocus on something else for a change.

  • Paint


Pick up your brushes and paints! Art is a great way to let out stress on paper or canvas. Many find the process of making a mess with paints and colors a good way to relax.  If you don’t like organised mess, you can divert your mind by drawing or sketching.

  • Dance


Dance like no one is watching is a very accurate term. Pump up the music and let loose your hair. Dancing actually helps you shake up your tired body and increase blood flow to all parts of your body. It’ll help calm you down and keep you healthy as well.

  • Run


Go for a run. Running helps boost your brain signals and heart to pump blood. Going for runs or even jogs can aid in keeping you in shape and slim. Stress running is quite common and extremely refreshing in early mornings. Working out and yoga can also be very helpful.

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  • Sleep


What better way to de-stress than to sleep? Take a break from everything with a quick nap. Get comfy and snuggle into bed for a relaxing sleep. Adding subtle background music with a sleep timer can be useful.

  • Cry


Having a good cry actually helps according to scientists. Crying helps to flush toxins out of your system and cleans out your body. People prone to stress and panic attacks find crying to be helpful. Some people admit to crying once a week just for the sake of destressing!

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