How To Confront Him When You Realise He Is Cheating

The key is obviously being calm but take these 5 advises too.

How To Confront Him When You Realise He Is Cheating

If your husband/partner has been too discreet and has been showing certain signs of cheating out of your relationship, it is time to take things in your hands – confront him. You should not let it all blow out by being and showing absolute anger at him, because you obviously do not want to invite a disaster in your own life. You may question yourself – Why has he been doing this? Is he really going to leave me? Does he not love at all now? Should I leave him or should I let this one time go? And your brain is all fuzzy and confused – flooded with thousands of questions. Fret not, woman. Here are 5 things you must do step by step.

Observe His Behaviour And Body Language

Body Language

The first thing you must do is consistently observe his behaviour and body language even though your doubts had been strong. Sometimes, men behave differently because of work stress or any tiffs with family and friends. But certain changes in him such as always being on phone, avoiding eye contact with you when you ask him about his party/trip, not showing intimacy like he used to show earlier, etc. Your observations will help you build a stronger case, trust us.

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Find Proof

confront him

When you are going to confront him, NEVER do that without a solid proof! Always find proof such as lipstick stains (no matter how cliched they sound!), ‘her’ personal possessions (we don’t need details here, do we?), their mushy text-chats/voice mails, etc. Best would be catching them red handed, but trust us, you don’t want to be that much hard on yourself. Showing him proof will not only catch him off-guard but also not give him any more chance to lie on your face.

Let Him Explain

He Is Cheating

No matter what he has done, be sane, calm and collected enough to let him explain. After all, you do want to know why he did that, right? Let him give whatever explanation he wants to. Women have this undeniable power of knowing their partners every fibre – their likes and dislikes, their thought-processes, etc. Women can notice even the slightest changes in their partners’ behaviour and body language. And you, my lady, can know whether and how much he is lying or telling the truth.

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Tell Him What You Feel And Think


ALWAYS telling your man how to feel and think about whatever and however he does something. And you realising him cheating on you is a very big thing. It is not rocket-science that he knows that you feel bad and are incredibly hurt. But speaking your true feelings might make him realise how HE has made you feel, in reality.

Opt For Counselling 


Post confrontation, whether the matter is resolved or not, consult a counselor without any hesitation. Put all your cards in front of your partner and your counselor, express how you feel and what you think. Talking to an unbiased and trusted third party will not only make you feel better but also make him realise the effects and their impacts of his wrong-doings.

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