‘I Am Comfortable In My Skin,’ Says Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor tells all!

‘I Am Comfortable In My Skin,’ Says Shraddha Kapoor

The multi-talented, natural beauty with a heart stopping smile started her career in 2010 with ‘Teen Patti’. After seven years, Shraddha Kapoor has sealed her position as one of the top leading ladies of today with several hits such as ‘Aashiqui 2’, ‘ABCD 2’, ‘Baaghi’, under her belt. Shraddha reveals some of her interesting fashion and beauty choices.

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Fashion to you is…
It is about being comfortable in who you are; about showing your true self and showcasing that we don’t need to ashamed of being ourselves. You don’t have to follow a trend just for the heck of it. Rather, create your own fashion.

So, what are you more comfortable in? Indian outfits or Westernwear?
Well, I like wearing both, but like everyone else, I too have my favourites. If you ask me, I am really most comfortable in my track pants and my t-shirts.

One thing you will perhaps never part with from your wardrobe?
(Thinks) It would have to be some piece that my mum, dad or brother would have gifted to me at some point. I usually hold on to such things for years, before I am finally forced to part with it.

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A piece of clothing you felt special fondness for?
There was this one salwar kameez that I would wear to every place – be it a wedding, Ganpati celebrations, an audition, etc. I wore it up to the point where it started begging to be thrown away. It was in a terrible condition with the stitches coming out, and there I was, still wearing it. Then one fine day, I finally bid goodbye to it. Well, yeah, I can be a little crazy.

You have lovely skin. What is the secret?
Honestly, there really is no secret. I simply wash my face with a mild face wash and moisturize well-a simple regime that perhaps everyone follows. Oh yes, I drink a lot of water, which helps my skin stay hydrated.

You are an actor-cum-singer. How do you balance it all?
You will make time for things that you like doing. And there is enough time if you plan.

One fashion advice for your fans?
Just be yourself. And be proud of it.

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