What Do These Colours Mean And How To Use These In Interiors

Orange: Expands your thinking

This vibrant hue reduce self-consciousness and allows you to express yourself with confidence. use it in your room when you want to feel younger. It is the colour of laughter and celebration. Add an orange mouse pad to your office table, an orange accent wall to your kids room or just an orange bordered note card on the side table of your bedroom and feel the difference.

Deep Blue: Encourages Efficiency

It will purify your thinking, so you can cut through the clutter and discover what is most important in your life. It help you integrate the big picture with the little picture. At home, try this colour on an oversized tray, a waste basket, on a desk lamp on even for the decor of the entire room.

Dark Green: Increases Wealth

The primary colour in nature, it corresponds with life’s riches. It is the colour of fresh start and growth. It will encourage you to honour your unique talents and manifest them in the material world. Try a green chair, a side table or a front door.

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Light Green: Heals 

It represents nourishment and helps steady the body, balancing your equilibrium and encouraging stability. Use it to rejuvenate yourself, try a green pot a set of kitchen towels or bowls.

Light Purple: Enhances Spirituality

Purple encourages a fresh perspective on emotional issues. By reminding you that we are all connected, it will deepen your sense of humanity. Use it in your home to enhance compassion. Try a light purple throw, a rug, a wallpaper or some fresh flowers.

Light Blue: Gives A Sense Of Space

It dissolves tension and promotes tranquility. It specially brings ease to the home. Try this particular colour for your curtains, bed linen or as the colour of the accent wall of your bedroom.

Bright Red: Fortifies You

It is a stimulant. It promotes courage and fearlessness. Use this colour when you want to enhance your self confidence. Try a bright red decorative dish for the dining table or accent pillows.

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Yellow: Increases Your Focus

This colour is known enhancing intelligence and mental agility. Try this colour at your study. Incorporate a yellow chair, a bookmark, a clock or even a desk lamp.

Pink: Opens The Heart

Gentle and soothing, pink is the colour of love. Use it in the room where you are trying to increase receptivity and understanding. Try a pink lampshade, table runner, drapes, linen anything.

Deep Red: Inspires Passion

It helps awaken the Libido. It will remind you to live life fully and to love your body. Try a deep red ottoman, accent chair or a lampshade.

Aqua: Inspires Trust

This is the colour to choose when you want to relax. Use a lot of this colour while decorating your bedroom and washroom.

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