Choose The Right Colour For Your Room To Bring In Good Luck

Bring out the paint!

Various parts of the house can attract energies depending on its colour, which can be found out through Vastu Shastra. So, according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, what colour should you be painting your wall? Find out here!

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Red colour

Red colour symbolizes energy. Use this colour only in the Southern or South-Eastern part of the house; but if there is a bedroom in this part, avoid using red here and select a light pink or a light cream color.

Green Colour

This colour should be used in the north of the house. This will improve your financial condition and you will get opportunities for advancement. Use light green or ivory colors in the rooms of children, girls and newly wedded couples.
Yellow Colour

Yellow can be used in any room located in the northeast area of the house. If your office or drawing room is here then yellow will be auspicious for you. If there is a study room, library or children’s room in this direction, do use a light yellow color.

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Blue color

Sky colour should be used in the north of the house. This color indicates the water element. Apart from this, photographs or paintings running on the north side of the house should also be used as this gives success in career.

Smart tips

  • Use light blue and yellow to make the outer part of the house in the north direction beautiful.
  • Never use light or dark blue colours in the south-east.
  • Do not use red or orange in rooms facing the northeast or north direction because it is a water space and red is a symbol of fire.
  • Never use gray, brown or black on the outer walls of the house.

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