Check Your Skincare Product Labels For These 5 Details!

Check Your Skincare Product Labels For These 5 Details!

Shopping for skin care products can be harrowing when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Many companies can make big claims and have fancy advertising but beware of what you actually need and what’s in your budget. At the end of the day, you need to find products that work best for you and your skin. Here are some easy tips to remember whenever you look for any skin care or makeup products.

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Skincare Products

All skincare products need to show and mention ingredients. This is important from the point of view of government regulations and for the health of its users. You should always check for what is put in the product since there could be some elements or a byproduct that could cause you allergies or rashes. Always run the ingredients on the web before you buy to confirm if they are actually real elements and beneficial to your skin.


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Always remember to check the use before dates and other dates about the usage of the products. It’s important to realise how long the product will last and if you’ll actually use it within the time period. This also helps you opt for a smaller pack or alternative products that will do the same work.  Batch numbers, net contents and the product package recycling options should also be clearly mentioned on the label.

Read The Fine Print

The Fine Print

Always read the fine print! Claims like ‘dermatologically tested’ or ‘expert recommended’ can be misleading. It just means a patch test has been done of the product and the claim has no solid evidence if it is actually safe. ‘Organic’ or ‘vegan products’ don’t necessarily mean they are perfectly cruelty-free or made with only organic ingredients.

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Impossible Claims!

Skincare Products

Whiter skin in 7 days? Pure charcoal products? Fruit packs with real fruit? All these are equally bad at misleading the consumer. Impossible claims confuse you from buying the best product for your skin. Miraculous claims can be deceiving and end up with expensive products that are useless to you. If DIY homemade masks and skincare products are helping your skin, opt for those instead. You’ll know what’s in it and you’ll not have to worry about the aftereffects.

Brands Are Important

best products for your skin

As much as we hate, brands do matter. Skincare products are quite tricky to create and manage so it’s only the rare multinational companies who make these products. Reputed brands and luxury lines have a long history of making these products and tend to be cautious about their processes. Since they don’t want to lose customers and against their competitors, these brands give out the best products for your skin with all the perks. Opt for tried and tested products from family and friends if you’re in doubt.

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