Celebrity Fitness: Yami Gautam’s Secret To Her Slender Frame

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Celebrity Fitness: Yami Gautam’s Secret To Her Slender Frame

After making her Bollywood debut in Vicky Donor alongside Ayushmann Khurrana, there has been no looking back for Yami Gautam. Her fresh face and pretty smile instantly clicked among the public and she became a favorite. Brand ambassador for Fair & Lovely, the actress is known for her clear and glowing skin. However, what is it that maintains Yami’s youthful looks and slender frame? Let’s have a look at her fitness secrets.

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  • Workout Regime

Yami Gautam begins her day with a morning jog. She feels that the air is extremely fresh in the morning which can instantly calm your mind and boost your energy up for the rest of the day. It is good to exercise in lots of greenery as this will help you intake oxygen which is good for the blood circulation in your body. Furthermore, she hits the gym four times a week for weight-training. She also practices hot Yoga every day. This is practicing Yoga in hot temperatures in order to sweat and release toxins from the body. She loves swimming too and indulges in a swim every now and then.

She also practices TRX which is an activity that involves suspension training. It is great for strengthening your core and building endurance. It is an excellent form of exercise for those who do not like to stay dependent on machines for their fitness.

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  • Diet Plan

Yami Gautam believes in drinking fresh juices everyday, especially pomegranate juice in order to maintain blood pressure levels and get rid of toxins from the body. Juices are great at curbing the production of cancer-causing radicals in the body. She also drinks a glass of banana milkshake every day. This gives her an instant boost of energy and helps her keep her heart healthy.

She included proteins in her daily diet and consumes 3 egg whites, fish and chicken at least once throughout the day. It is better to boil these items, add salt to taste and eat them without frying them. She eats vegetables and chapatti for lunch. For mid-meal hunger pangs, she consumes almonds which are great for skin and to improve hair texture.

For dinner, she consumes brown rice and dal. She keeps herself hydrated all the time and drinks 9-10 glasses of water throughout the day. She has 2 cups of green tea in the day. Her fitness secrets are simple to follow. Go ahead and follow her fitness regime in order to obtain a slim figure like her!

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