Celebrity Fitness: Taapsee Pannu’s Secret To Her Svelte Frame

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Celebrity Fitness: Taapsee Pannu’s Secret To Her Svelte Frame

After proving her versatility as an actress through films like ‘Naam Shabana’ and ‘Pink’, Taapsee Pannu has created a spot for herself in the nepotism-driven Bollywood industry. While her pretty visage and exceptional acting skills manage to take us by awe, the actress has now gone on ahead and even attained a gorgeous frame. It takes a lot of hard-work and determination to maintain a slender frame like hers. Let’s take some inspiration from the same and follow Taapsee’s fitness routine.

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  • Diet Plan

Taapsee follows quite an unconventional diet. In contrast to other actresses who prefer keeping away from consuming rice, Taapsee has made this food item an essential part of her diet. She avoids consuming gluten which is found in wheat and thus, rotis are a strict ‘no-no’ for her. Taapsee drinks almond milk everyday as she feels that it is a healthier alternative to plain milk. A little amount of fat and carbohydrates with umpteen fiber content never hurts! She keeps herself ydarted by drinking loads of water everyday. Fresh fruits and salads are an indispensable part of her diet.

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  •  Exercise Regime

The actress does not believe in spending excess time at the gym but indulges in sport activities. She loves playing squash and , practices Yoga and believes in keeping her workout regime simple. She goes to the gym as her work needs that kind of training in order to have a svelte figure. The time dedicated to gym workouts is minimal as compared to other actresses. She makes sure that she does not drink or smoke and gets enough sleep. This ensures a healthy lifestyle.

Follow her fitness routine and you’re sure to achieve a slender frame like hers!

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