Celebrity Fitness: Sushmita Sen’s Workout Regime And Diet

Sushmita Sen can be defines as the epitome of elegance and beauty. Ex-Miss Universe and Bollywood actress, Sen has always managed to come across as one of the most gorgeous personalities as a result of her tall and fit frame as well as her sharp features. The beauty is very conscious about her health and fitness. She practices a combination of exercises to maintain her svelte frame. Let’s have a look at her exercise regime and diet plan.

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  • Exercise Regime

Sen had suffered a slip disc as a result of which she had put on weight. She had been advised to avoid gym exercises. This did not demotivate her. Instead, she resorted to an exercise form called ‘Aerial silk’. It involves working out in the air by using the help of a fabric for support. Not only does this make her body more flexible but also keeps her fit and healthy. Aerial silk is a mixture of yoga, dance and a martial art of Kerala called Kallaripayatu.

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On the days she is unable to practice aerial silk, she makes sure that she goes for a jog, practices skipping and meditation. Now wonder, she looks like what she does!

  • Diet Plan

Her day begins with a glass of warm water and a bowl of fruits. For breakfast, she has an French toast made of 6 egg whites along with 2 slices of brown bread. She believes in keeping her tummy full and hence, eats a little after every two hours. She has a pear 2 hours prior to lunch. For lunch, she has a bowl of black dal, a bowl of cauliflower sabzi, cooked fish, 2 chapattis and a bowl of rice. To fulfill her evening hunger pangs she eats four biscuits and a glass of vegetable juice. Her dinner consists of half a bowl of dal, beans and a bowl of onion-cucumber raita or plain curd with masala. The Bengali beauty does not have a sweet tooth and rarely indulges in foods that hoard sugar. This helps her in avoiding an intake of those unnecessary calories.

Follow Sushmita’s health and fitness regime to achieve a slender figure like her!

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