Celebrity Fitness: Sonam Kapoor’s Fitness Secrets

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Celebrity Fitness: Sonam Kapoor’s Fitness Secrets

This fashionista’s gorgeousness is no secret. The actress has been known for her experimental fashion choices and for carrying them off with sheer confidence. May they be conevntionally fashionable and beautiful outfits or quirky and bizarre choices of clothing, Sonam Kapoor has managed to slay it in all. However, it takes a good frame to be able to pull off all these garments without wavering. Let’s find out Kapoor’s fitness regime which helps her maintain her physique.

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  • Workout Regime

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Kapoor is not originally slim and had to sweat it out to lose weight. She underwent a strict workout regime and followed a diet plan in order to lose 35 kilograms on being offered a film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Unlike other actors, Sonam Kapoor did not stick to a single trainer and resorted to several so that she could gain various perspectives and opinions. She trained under Yasmin Karachiwala to learn pilates.


Sonam has come a long way and has become extremely conscious about her fitness. She begins her day by a 30 minute jog followed by another half an hour of yoga and meditation. She also indulges in cardiovascular exercises iun order to burn calories. Sonam Kapoor is extremely fond of swim and goes swimming in her free time. She plays squash atleast twice a week. Lastly, the actress loves dancing and practices a rigorous session of bollywood dance atleast once a week. No wonder, the actress looks like what she does! That is some dedication which is to be learned and taken inspiration from!

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  • Diet Plan


Consuming junk food is a strict no-no for Sonam Kapoor. She does not eat fried and oily food. She has given up on consuming sweets and sugar causes bloating. Apart from an occassional indulgence to savour her cravings, Kapoor’s diet is healthy and has played an important role in her fitness regime. She begins her day with a glass of lukewarm honey and lime water. She eats five meals a day with moderate proportions of food in each. Her diet consists of high-protein and low-carbohydrate food. She has fruit and oatmeal for breakfast followed by two egg whites and a protein shake as a meal between breakfast and lunch. For lunch, she consumes grilled chicken, dal, fish curry and bajra rotis. She consciously avoids eating red meat. In the evening, she has one egg white and brown bread and ends her day with a healthy dinner. She has fish, salad and chicken soup for dinner. Lastly, she snacks on dry fruits and sips on fresh fruit juice, water or coconut water to keep untimely hunger pangs at bay and to stay hydrated.

Follow Sonam Kapoor’s diet to achieve a fabulous figure like her!

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